Snow Board Benches

Detailed designs to build your own bench using your trashed boards

Build your own snowboard bench using your trashed (but loved) snowboards. offers you two easy-to-follow instructions along with photos and illustrations. Avoid wasting time, money and your frustration with trial and error technique. lists the materials and tools you need to build your own inexpensive, but sturdy and good-looking bench for your old or ruined boards. The designs are simple and sturdy for a compact single board bench or double board bench. Instructions include all of the basic models; The Single Board Bench, The Mini Me, The Standard, The Recliner and others.

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The picnic table design provides for a sturdy table. The design below utilized five 146cm snowboards and fits 4 adults comfortably. A couple coats of flat black spray paint were applied to the three middle decks providing for a clean slate for one's artwork or business logo.