About Us

I first tried snowboarding in 1987. Since that time, I trashed many boards – usually one per season. And when I was younger, losing a board was a costly thing. So, for some reason, I usually kept my trashed snowboard decks – not sure why. I was attached to them and could not just throw them out. I guess I am the type of guy that hates wasting anything. In any event, I took my five or so ruined snowboard decks and thought to make us of them. As they were not ‘rideable’, the obvious choice was art… or actually less than that… utility. Thus, here comes the snowboard bench design website.

When I went to make a bench, it was clear that I lacked any and all carpentry skills. My friends who are carpenters and building houses or fancy furniture, really did not have the time to explain or assist on simple stuff like... making a bench. Anyway, through trial and error, I made some benches. Then, I started to make more and more – giving them away to family friends and neighbors – perfecting some simple designs. The boards were easily obtained. If you live in a resort area, come springtime – end of season, you’ll find that many rental shops and snowboard stores actually toss their trashed boards. You may be able to call them and simply ask whether they have any that are trashed. I often have traded a 12 pack of beer for a few free decks.

The purpose of this site, is to give you the designs necessary to build a few benches. The designs are used on boards ranging in size from 111 to 161. You can build a bench or two for yourself, your yard, your porch, as a gift for a friend or even start selling them in resort areas. From my side, I left some around town at shops and with friends. We quickly noticed that other folks would come and admire the benches – sometimes photographing the design to make their own – or offering to buy the bench on the spot.

Anyway, so there it is – the inception of this site – not to make millions but to offer beat and abandoned boards a way out of the garage and away from the local landfill.

If you use these designs, I hope you enjoy the process of building your bench, placing it on display and moreover, making use of it!

The picnic table design provides for a sturdy table. The design below utilized five 146cm snowboards and fits 4 adults comfortably. A couple coats of flat black spray paint were applied to the three middle decks providing for a clean slate for one's artwork or business logo.

SnowBoard Bench